Aussie cafes and restaurants, as restrictions begin to lift and your businesses start opening up again, we know peace of mind is important to you when it comes to ensuring your customers and employees are safe.

Restaurant and Catering Australia (RCA) have issued updated COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines, and, with this new information, it’s imperative that you ensure your equipment is up to date. The new guidelines recommend:

  • Usual cleaning schedules need to be increased
  • Non-disposable crockery, cutlery and glassware should be washed using a commercial grade dishwasher, and this means you also need commercial grade chemicals
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly using appropriate detergent solutions
  • Once cleaned, surfaces should ideally be disinfected regularly using appropriate disinfectant solutions
  • Personal items used in the workplace such glasses and phones should be cleansed and ideally disinfected frequently
  • Workplace amenities including kitchens, lunchrooms, communal areas, change rooms, toilets, drink fountains and vending machines, should be cleaned industrially and the frequency of this cleaning should increase
  • Food preparation areas and equipment and front of house areas where customers access should be cleaned in line with Safe Work Australia’s guidance on Cleaning and COVID-19 and the frequency of cleaning should be increased
  • Frequently touched surfaces, including counters, menus, handrails, doors, till, phones, keyboards and EFTPOS facilities, should be cleaned regularly using appropriate detergent solutions where possible and disinfected regularly using appropriate disinfectant solutions
  • Consider reducing the number of touch points for workers. For example, leaving access doors open, where appropriate
  • Make hand sanitiser available at entry and exit points so workers can use it when arriving and leaving

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For more information about the RCA Best Practices Guidelines, click here.