As Cafe Dunk starts to be adopted by Australian Cafes to help their customers safely go back to using reusable cups, we want to help everyone understand that it’s not just you (the customer) who is being kept safe –  it’s also the team behind the coffee machine!

Whilst our community has wholeheartedly embraced reusable cups over the last few years especially, COVID-19 has unfortunately caused the reusable cup to take the back seat whilst we prioritised hygiene.

To solve this problem, we created Café Dunk to provide an efficient and safe sanitising system for reusable cups for both the user and worker.

By implementing this new hygiene regime into your cafe and hotel, you will be reducing disposable cup usage (which has skyrocketed in the past few months) and limit the usage of plastic in the world. All this whilst keeping your staff and customers happy and safe by utilising one simple process – dunking your cup in Cafe Dunk!

The hot tip for maximum convenience and to ensure there is no cross contamination and limit touchpoints, all the person with the reusable cup has do is bring a clean cup into a café and put/place their cup in the clearly marked Café Dunk pail full of food grade sanitising solution. After 30 seconds in the solution, it will be safe for the worker or barista to take the cup out as it will be effectively sanitised. And then they can hold the cup normally to work their crema pouring magic!

If you are a busier cafe and looking for a faster way to sanitise than 30 seconds, we encourage any cafe owner or barista using the sanitising solution, to use hot water.  The hotter the water, the faster the solution will sanitise the cups!

The Cafe Dunk solution is not just for our reusable cups, it can also be used as a multipurpose spray or sanitising bucket to sanitise other kitchen equipment and surfaces.

This product has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs in just 30 seconds and it will not affect any taste to the coffee or degrade the cup, so it’s a safe solution for the return of the reusable cup in all regards. This also includes our environment. We are always so mindful of how our products affect our surroundings, especially the waterways – and therefore are incredibly proud to create such an amazing and friendly product – Cafe Dunk.

By introducing Cafe Dunk and this hygiene regime into your cafe or hotel, you are increasing the safety of your staff, your customers and, importantly, helping your business back on the road to better sustainability.

For more information and to get your hands on Cafe Dunk now, visit their website at