1. Building new habits and touchpoint tracking

Here are Zexa, we’re always racking our brains to develop products that help Australians “Clean fast. Clean safe”. So our focus moving forward from COVID-19 is “touchpoint tracking”, and establishing a “low touch economy”.

Something that has been thrown under the spotlight in 2020 is a focus on what we touch and how often we touch it. It is the routine thought process of how often we are touching the things around us, and who else is touching them. This needs to start becoming an automatic aspect of our thinking.

2. Introducing touch tracking into our daily routine

Providing Australian made, industry-leading solutions to our community is something we are passionate about at Zexa. Whether those solutions are chemical or simply strategic. This is why we’ve done some research into touchpoint tracking and creating a low touch economy. Here some strategies to help you reduce your risk of coming into contact with unwanted germs.

How many surfaces do you touch between entering your workplace and sitting down to work without thinking twice about it? Now imagine how many other coworkers touch those same surfaces every time they enter the workplace. What if the very first person into the office this morning had germs on their hands? How many people now have those germs as well?

The diagram on the right details some of the most common workplace surfaces that everyone touches multiple times a day. Most of these touches are without even thinking about it. How many have you touched today? How many times?

Being constantly aware of the surfaces we are touching, as well as who else is touching them and how often is imperative. It has to become a part of our daily routine if we want to maintain safe, germ-free workplaces. This is the best way we can work towards preventing another outbreak in the future.

3. Do you know how many times you’ve touched your face in the past hour?

Safe, sustainable practices are what we’re all about here at Zexa. This next tip to help reduce your risk of coming into contact with harmful bacteria is both sustainable and very safe.

Our research into touch tracking has come about in response to a simple truth; we touch our faces a lot. This in itself isn’t usually a huge problem. When there is harmful bacteria on the surfaces we are touching however, we are transferring them to our faces. This is where they can do the most damage, without us even realising it.

The frequency with which we touch common surfaces is only one side of the coin. Developing a low touch economy and reducing the spread of germs relies on other factors as well.

Start thinking about is how often you are collecting germs and bacteria from the surfaces around you. Now, how often are you then transferring them to your face? This is the real place they can do damage.

How many times have you touched your face in the past hour alone? Chances are the answer is a lot. Chances are you have no real idea, because mostly this is a subconscious action.

Moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the sort of action that will need to change. It needs to go from a reflex to a response you are thinking about and reducing.

4. But wait, there’s even more you can do to keep your workplace germ-free!

Innovation is in our DNA here at Zexa. This is why we leapt on the opportunity to pivot our business model and look into developing new products. These products are safe for anyone to use, and are sustainably made. Most of all, they are to help our community through these troubling times.

Using highly effective, safe surface cleaners and sanitisers regularly is one simple way you can be protected from germs. This is how you can ensure when communal surfaces do have to be touched, they will be safe.

The best way to do this is through implementing new workplace protocols and practices surrounding routine cleaning and sanitising. With routine cleaning throughout the day using a good quality disinfectant spray, surfaces can be kept germ-free easily.

5. Let’s begin building a low touch economy

Supporting our customers and community is a core value for us here at Zexa. This is why we are excited to work with you to begin building a low touch economy as we look towards the future.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease and life is beginning to get back to normal. In these new times, it will be the duty of every single person to play their part in reducing the spread of germs and building a low touch economy.

This means keeping track of and reducing how often you touch your face. It also means being conscious of the shared surfaces you are touching, and who else is touching them. Finally, it means practicing good hygiene and sanitisation habits in all aspects of day to day life.

As we navigate this new post-pandemic world, it is the duty and responsibility of every person to ensure they are actively implementing these practices. Maintaining social distancing and cleaning and sanitising hands, surfaces and equipment regularly will also be imperative.