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  • Air Tech Breeze

    Air Tech Breeze destroys odour at the source. It does this by converting the gas released by bacteria to non active salts.It encapsulates and destroys odours without using any harmful or irritating propellants.
  • B.R. Concentrate is a hard surface degreaser and is suitable for use on kitchen equipment and in high pressure cleaners.As a concentrate, it is versatile for diluting for different cleaning requirements.
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    This is a dynamite price on total Touchpoint Protection for your hands & household surfaces. Includes a convenient empty foaming pack for the Hand Sanitiser - top ups for weeks!These are high quality, reliable Aussie-made commercial products, from an Aussie owned company!
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    The most effective steps to touchpoint protection are effective cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising surfaces. This pack provides everything you need to complete all those steps - with the bonus of a deodorising agent!These are high quality, reliable Australian made commercial products, from an Australian owned company.
  • Combi Descale Pro provides superior cleaning for commercial glass and dishwashers. It achieves this by removing scale build-up and rust from stainless steel surfaces in machine wash chambers.
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    This bundle suits a wide variety of hospitality & institutional establishments, with a focus on 2-step cleaning.These products are a great introductory kit to Zexa quality, if you haven't tried us before - and you get a box of our NEW Sure Shield Hand & Surface Sanitiser mini duos with 70% Alcohol, valued at $58.14 +gst FREE!Be part of the Zexa #StampCOVIDOut movement and carry your minis wherever you go, protecting yourself and everyone else that comes behind you!
  • For use in automatic dispenser machines in commercial laundries, this pre-wash breaks down heavy soils. This enables makeup, coffee, tea and oil soils to be easily removed from clothes, linen and fabrics during the wash phase.
  • Dish Glo Plus

    Dish Glo Plus is a superior quality, concentrated detergent and is extremely cost effective.Powerfully removes baked and burnt on soils without caustics or chlorides. A must for every kitchen sink!
  • Glass and Stainless RTU is a fast acting, low effort cleaner for glass and stainless steel.This product is perfect for all hard surfaces where streaking is an issue.
  • K.N (LSFC)

    K.N. Low Slip Floor Cleaner (LSFC) is a pH neutral, biodegradable, powdered detergent.This highly concentrated formula delivers effective removal of soils from hard surfaces. Soils are lifted from surfaces, held in suspension and washed away.
  • Non Caustic Degreaser

    Zexa Non-Caustic Degreaser is an alternative to caustic based degreasers. Its non-corrosive pH reduces potential damage to surfaces that caustic products can cause.
  • Oven and Grill Cleaner

    Ovens, grills and BBQs can be hard to clean, with baked on residues proving the most resistant to all efforts to remove them! Oven & Grill Cleaner breaks down built up grease and carbon deposits, leaving equipment ready for work (and saving you some elbow-grease!).
  • Platinum Machine Wash

    Zexa Platinum Machine Wash is specifically designed for automatic feed undercounter commercial dishwashers and crate washers. Performs as a sanitising and disinfecting detergent. Uses: • Automatic feed undercounter washers. • Crate washers. • Sanitiser detergent. • Disinfectant detergent.
  • Platinum Rinse Aid

    Rinse aid has one purpose: to allow for faster drying of cups, plates and cutlery and reduce water marks on wash items. Highly concentrated for low dosing into machines.
  • Rinse Aid Plus

    Rinse Aid Plus delivers faster drying of cups plates and cutlery. Reduce the need for manual drying today!This is a highly concentrated formula. This allows economical, low dosing into machines.
  • Safer Day Minis 3-Packs

    What a great gift for yourself or a loved one - convenient personal protection packs for when you're out & about. Our minis packs contain products that kill 99.99% of germs on hands and surfaces, plus products to care for your stressed hands!There are 4 packs to choose from - simply click "Choose Pack" and select from the drop down menu. As you click on each pack, you will see the pack contents listed below the selection box.See the description section below for details on each of the minis.
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    Buy our Medicated Hand Soap, Surface Sanitiser and 360 Disinfectant Cleaner Deodoriser for home and get 2 of our super convenient Mini Duos, valued at $25.00 - FREE!Each duo contains 1x100mL Surface Sanitiser Spray and 1x100mL Hand Sanitiser Spray. One duo is alcohol free, the other contains 70% ethanol, for workplaces or spaces where the alcohol version is required.Carrying these minis wherever you go helps you protect yourself and everyone else that comes behind you against surface-dwelling germs!
  • Spray and Wipe RTU

    Ready to use general purpose spray and wipe.
  • Superb all-rounder: highly effective disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser.Sure Shield 360 Concentrate provides high potency, commercial grade disinfection with powerful cleaning action and provides a fresh, pleasant residual lemon fragrance.
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