2-101 Non Caustic Degreaser

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Zexa Non-Caustic Degreaser is an alternative to caustic based degreasers. Its non-corrosive pH reduces potential damage to surfaces that caustic products can cause.

Zexa Non-Caustic Degreaser is a safer alternative to caustic degreasers. It has a non-corrosive pH, which reduces potential to damage surfaces that caustic products can cause.

Non-Caustic Degreaser can also be used on many surfaces that a caustic product cannot. For example mag wheels, alloy metals, aluminium and chrome. This product is also effective for use on grill plates, degreasing engine parts, removing oils stains from non-sealed or oxide coloured surfaces and removing rubber from hard surfaces.

It will remove oxidisation from painted or powder coated metallic products, such as Colourbond and steel. This product is highly concentrated and can be diluted up to 15:1, whilst remaining extremely effective.

CAUTION: Non-Caustic Degreaser WILL REMOVE CHEAP SURFACE SEALERS! It will also, if used undiluted, discolour oxide coloured driveways (stencil Crete and stamped concrete).

Usage Notes:
This product is highly residual – ensure adequate clean water is used to flush away remaining product.
If using Non-Caustic Degreaser undiluted, ensure adequate ventilation and do not exceed 30 mins exposure.
Mild nausea may occur if exposure to undiluted material exceeds 30 minutes.

  • Surface Degreasing
  • Surfaces sensitive to caustic
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen equipment

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