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Air Tech Breeze destroys odour at the source by converting gas releasing bacteria to non active salt.

It encapsulates and destroy odours without using any harmful or irritating propellants.


Air Tech Breeze destroys odours by encapsulating and destroying odours, without using any harmful or irritating propellants.

This is a user friendly deodoriser that eliminates strong odours including cigarette smoke, smelly shoes and waste bins. It does not mask smells with a pleasant perfume – Air Tech Breeze destroys them.

It is safe for use around food and sensitive airways and application can be general, or direct to bins and waste areas. This product is Non Hazardous.


  • Deodorising Surfaces
  • Deodorising Fabrics
  • Deodorising waste areas
  • Deodorising most objectionable odour sources

What other applications do I have?

Breeze is a deodoriser and has no other applications.

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Apple, Lavender, Lemon, Musk, Rose, Special, Vanilla


750ml, 5L, 15L


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