2-616-05000 Zexa Sure Shield Medicated Foam Hand Soap – Soft Scent 5L (Ctn 3)


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Zexa Sure Shield Medicated Hand Soap is designed to eliminate bacteria on the skin. This makes it effective against a broad range of microorganisms and suitable where it is important to reduce microbial cross-contamination.

Formulated for foaming pack dispensers.

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2-616-05000 Zexa Sure Shield Medicated Foam Hand Soap (Soft Scent) is suitable for all situations where it is important to reduce  microbial cross-contamination.

The gentle, emollient-enriched formula helps condition the skin while reducing transient bacteria on the skin. Our Soft Scent fragrance leaves a gentle, comforting residual aroma on the skin and is suitable for frequent hand washing.

Directions for Use:

  1. Using warm water, wet hands thoroughly including palms, wrists and back of the hands.
  2. Thoroughly lather hands with soap.
  3. Vigorously rub hands together, cleaning palms, fingers, between fingers, back of hands, thumbs and wrist, for minimum 15 seconds.
  4. Thoroughly rinse off the soap.
  5. Pat hands dry with a disposable paper towel or use an air dryer.
  6. Place the disposable paper towel in the bin

Key features:

Gentle pH – 5.5 – 6.5 is safe for sensitive skins & frequent use

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Soft, comforting floral aroma
  • High foaming formula means less product required
  • Rich moisturisers protect against skin distress from frequent washing
  • Not tested on animals
  • Australian made

Water softening ingredients – effective in hard water areas

Economical high-foaming formula – a small amount produces luxurious, emollient lather
Gentle floral fragrance – provides a subtle deodorising effect on skin
Biodegradable, naturally derived – safe to both the end user and the environment

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2 reviews for 2-616-05000 Zexa Sure Shield Medicated Foam Hand Soap – Soft Scent 5L (Ctn 3)

  1. Tam

    Love how this product foams up as it comes out of the dispenser and the soft scent is lovely.

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Thanks Tamasine, for letting us know you’re enjoying our lovely soap – it makes our day!

  2. Ange Kerr

    I love the medicated handwash. It feels good on my hands and my hands feel clean. While I am a fan of scented handwash, I would prefer a citrus scent. Having said that, the scent is so soft that it is not an issue.

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Thanks so much for the feedback and rating, Ange! This is the first of a range of Zexa Body products that will soon start appearing in our range. And yes, there will be citrus!

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