7-105-00540 Solvables Glass Cleaner Starter Pack (Ctn 8)


Save plastic and save space with our automotive cleaning tablets! Simply fill the starter pack bottle with water, drop in a tablet and within minutes, you’re ready to clean.

Each Starter pack in this carton of 8 includes a 500mL cleaning bottle, a 4-tablet refill pack and a microfibre buffing cloth.

Solvables exists to help reduce single use plastic bottles from landfill and our waterways.

Did you know that in Australia we discard an average of 1 tonne of plastic waste every 5 minutes? Less than 12% of our plastic waste is recycled and up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our waterways and the ocean.1

Plastic is very versatile, strong, and durable, taking hundreds of years to break down. Before it does, it spends many of those years sitting in landfill or floating in the ocean, causing danger to our marine life.

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic and are designed to be reused, again and again. Simply fill the bottle with warm water, drop in a Solvables cleaning tablet, let it dissolve and start cleaning.

The refill box, which is also fully recyclable, includes 4 plant and mineral-based tablets. Each box saves 4 bottles from trash and is also smaller and cheaper than buying a full-size bottle, which in turn helps you save space and money.

It may seem small, but with over 20 million cars on Australian roads2 and most of them getting a wash at some point or another, we are confident our small tablet will have a big impact.

Solvables Glass Cleaner is a quick-drying, non-toxic and pH neutral cleanser, offering a high-shine, streak-free finish on glass, stainless steel, chrome and aluminium.

Key Planet-safe Features:

  • Safe on washable hard surfaces
  • No ammonia, chlorine, or parabens
  • Non-toxic, pH neutral
  • Phosphate-free
  • Grey water & septic-safe
  • Waterways safe
  • Made with biodegradable detergents
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains plant & mineral based ingredients

Starter Pack Includes:

  • 1x 500mL Empty Bottle
  • 4x Cleaning Tablets
  • 1x Microfibre Cloth

1. https://www.wwf.org.au/get-involved/plastics#gs.g1mc0y
2. https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/industry/tourism-and-transport/motor-vehicle-census-australia/latest-release 

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg


SDS Ditch3 Multipurpose Cleaner Tablets
Ditch3 Multipurpose Cleaner Tablets Info Sheet


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