5-270-00500 Zexa Sani It Hand Sanitiser

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Zexa Sani It is a great-smelling, 80% ethanol hand sanitiser that is tough on germs but gentle on hands. It is ideal for Barbers and Hairdressing Salons, for easy sanitising between clients to prevent cross contamination from one client to another.

Sani It Info Sheet
SDS Sani It

Sani It is a high performance hand sanitser gel, designed to quickly eliminate bacteria on the skin and prevent microbial cross-contamination. It instantly provides hand sanitisation without the need for water.

It is a gentle, plant-based quick-drying gel that is enriched with moisturisers to help reduce the potential to stress or dry skin out. The green apple fragrance is kind to the nose and leaves a comforting, refreshing residual aroma on hands.

This formulation kills 99.9% of germs and is an ideal way to maintain hand hygiene when unable to wash hands.

Perfect to provide peace of mind for staff and clients and to help maintain hygiene standards in the salon.


  • Australian made & owned
  • 80% ethanol formula for effective infection control
  • Fast-drying
  • Buffered with moisturisers to be gentle on hands
  • Smells amazing

Dispense a sufficient amount of gel onto hands and rub together until dry.

Sani It Info Sheet
SDS Sani It

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SDS Sani It
Sani It Info Sheet


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