Zexa Ultra Descale


Zexa Ultra Descale provides superior cleaning for commercial glass and dishwashers.

It achieves this by removing scale build-up and rust from stainless steel surfaces in machine wash chambers, leaving surfaces bright and shiny.


Ultra Descale is fast acting and ready to use.

It is suitable for removing scale build-up from stainless steel surfaces.

By removing rust marks from stainless steel surfaces, it provides superior cleaning for wash chambers in commercial glass and dishwashers and may be used to both neutralise and brighten metal surfaces.

Dip tank cleaner/descaler: Dilute 1-part Ultra DeScale to 5-parts water. The tank may be heated to increase cleaning efficiency.

Boiler Treatment: Dilute 1-part Ultra DeScale to 10 parts water. The boiler tank may be heated to increase cleaning efficiency.

C.I.P. Cleaner: Dilute 1-part Ultra DeScale to 20 parts water. Squirt onto surface and wipe off.

Dishwashing Machines: Turn dispensing unit off.  Fill wash tank, add 250-500mL of Ultra DeScale, depending on the degree of build-up. Run wash cycle until complete. After wash cycle, examine the machine for areas of heavy build up and use product neat with scourer to remove heavy deposits.

Ultra DeScale SDS

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Ultra DeScale SDS


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