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Zexa Home Clean Dollar Savers

$89.08 $72.08

Your FREE gift: 1x750mL Surface Cleaner RTU

This pack provides everything you need to get your house clean and safe, ready for Christmas visitors.

These are high quality, reliable Australian made commercial strength products, from an Australian owned company.


Why this pack is a Dollar Saver…Once you’ve used up all the Surface Cleaner 750mL, you can refill it from your 5L pack. This brings the cost per 750mL bottle down to an incredible $5.25!


Sure Shield Surface Cleaner RTU – Read more
1x750mL Ready To Use spray bottle and 1x 5L Ready To Use refill pack
This is a Ready To Use blend of powerful detergents and degreasing agents. This results in easy grease and grime removal, while leaving a streak-free finish.

This product can be used to clean all types of hard surfaces and offers convenient spray and wipe application. Suitable for benches, countertops and cupboards, it is also ideal on stainless steel, cooktops, microwaves, fridges, sinks and plastic.

Importantly, it is non-hazardous, non corrosive, non-abrasive, ammonia and phosphate free.

Sure Shield 360 Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodoriser: Read more
1x500mL Ready To Use spray bottle
This is a commercial grade disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser. It contains powerful emulsifiers and cleaning and sanitising agents, which makes it able to encapsulate nasty odours. This makes it excellent for waste bin areas and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. You’ll love the pleasant fresh fragrance!

Zexa Glass & Stainless: Read more
1x750mL Ready To Use spray bottle
Glass and Stainless RTU is a fast acting, low effort cleaner for glass and stainless steel. This product is perfect for all hard surfaces where streaking is an issue. Get your bathroom surfaces and tapware gleaming and ready for visitors over Christmas!

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