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Zexa Family Pamper Pack

$91.25 $72.00

This is a terrific price on soothing, restorative hand and body products for the sink, bathroom and shower.

Bonus FREE gift valued at  $19.25+gst
1x1Litre Sure Shield Soft-Scent hand soap to get your family and guests through the Christmas gatherings with squeaky clean, soft and soothed hands!



Sure Shield Medicated Hand Soap (Soft Scent): Read more
485mL sink/vanity pump bottle
Sure Shield Medicated Hand Soap removes a broad range of germs whilst leaving a soft, fresh fragrance on the skin.

It suitable for reducing germ cross-contamination and for frequent hand washing . The formula contains rich moisturers and this mean your hands are left soft and hygienically cleaned.

Sure Shield Hand & Body Wash: Read More
485mL sink/vanity pump bottle
Contains essential oils to soothe & moisturise your skin.

Formulated with outstanding water softening & cleansing powers, a gentle pH level (5.5 – 6.5) and a pleasant lemon-lavender fragrance.

Sure Shield Moisturising Hand Cream: Read More
This pack of 3 minis contains 3x100mL beautiful, protective and restorative hand creams with sanitising properties.

Many people are finding their hands are stressed out from all the frequent washing and sanitising – this cream adds a layer of protection and helps prevent dryness and irritation.

Slide this over your hands and up to your elbows for maximum pampering!

* Stunning lemon-vanilla fragrance will melt your cares away
* Nourishes, soothes and rejuvenates
* Non-greasy formula
* Leave skin super soft and smooth

1x1L Sure Shield Medicated Hand Soap pump refill pack valued at $19.25+gst

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