Zexa Clip It Clipper Cleaning Spray


Zexa Clip It Clipper Spray is ideal for Barbers and Hairdressing Salons to clean and disinfect clippers, blades and combs.

Its 5-in-1 formula cleans, sanitises, lubricates and cools blades and prevents rust build up. All of which prolongs clipper life!

Perfect for sanitising between clients to prevent cross contamination from one client to another.
Clip It Info Sheet
Clip It Spray SDS


Clip It Clipper Cleaner Spray is a 5 in 1 powerful tool for Barbers and Hairdressing Salons to clean and sanitise grooming tools. Perfect for preventing cross contamination from one client to another sanitising clippers and blades in between clients.

  1. CLEANS – unique Jet Blaster nozzle blows hair, dust & particles from clipper blades & teeth
  2. SANITISES – specially formulated to spray on blades to kill germs & bacteria
  3. LUBRICATES BLADES – Clip It spray leaves a thin film of lubricant that reduces friction and keeps blades sharp
  4. PREVENTS RUST – Anti-rust formula protects blades and prolongs clipper life
  5. COOLS BLADES – Aerosol spray cools blades on contact


  • Clippers and Blades
  • Scissors
  • Combs


  • Short sharp sprays with the jet blaster nozzle will help to dislodge hair and particles from clipper blades & teeth.
  • Spray on blades to clean and sanitise, allow solution to dwell and air dry before use.

Highly flammable: keep away from heat, sparks, open flame. NO SMOKING.

Clip It Spray SDS
Clip It Info Sheet

Additional information

Weight 12.00 kg

1L, 5L


Sure Shield 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser SDS


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