Sure Shield Lemon Vanilla Hand Cream Minis (12 pack)


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YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND for ensuring your hands are soft and smooth when you’re out and about!

We’ve added a little sanitiser to this cream, so it’s yet another layer of protection, the perfect partner to our hand sanitiser minis.

This value pack includes 12x100mL Lemon Vanilla Hand Cream minis – great for sharing with friends, employees, or placing around the office or home for constant, convenient hand care.


Sure Shield Moisturising Hand Cream is our beautiful, protective and restorative hand cream with sanitising properties.

Many people are finding their hands are stressed out from all the frequent washing and sanitising – this cream adds a layer of protection and helps prevent dryness and irritation.

Slide this over your hands and up to your elbows for maximum pampering!

* Stunning lemon-vanilla fragrance will melt your cares away
* Nourishes, soothes and rejuvenates
* Non-greasy formula
* Leave skin super soft and smooth

Sure Shield Hand Cream Product Brief

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4 reviews for Sure Shield Lemon Vanilla Hand Cream Minis (12 pack)

  1. Susan PARKER

    I love the smell and the softness it brings to your hands. The fact it has sanitiser in it is a bonus. Definitely recommend.

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Glad you love it, Susan! It’s one of our favourites – watch out for some bigger sizes coming soon!

  2. Geoff H

    I have journeyed in tow of the sun now for many decades and have endured all of it’s various moods and influences on our lives on this tiny planet. Given the pace of life and the ever growing “to-do” list, it is all too easy to tumble headlong down the rabbit hole and completely forget about taking the necessary care of oneself.

    Enter ZEXA’s “Sure Shield HAND Moisturising cream”…

    I am an “avid” scented oils fan (for many years now) and find the gentle fresh note of this product to be very pleasant indeed. Although early days, the benefits so far are very promising as the lotion is both soothing and revitalising. My nonagenarian mother may well find a bottle or two under her Xmas Tree this year.

    My final words (with a caveat):- I would much prefer to rate the product as a “4.5” so as to allow me to return in the not too distant future in the hope of rating it higher, perhaps to a “4.6”. However, a score of “5.0” would remove any need for Zexa to strive for perfection, thus we would all be missing out.! So on this day a score of “4.0” is well and truly deserved.

    Thank you kindly all those at Zexa.

    A Merry Xmas to ONE and ALL…

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Wow, Geoff – that has to be one of the most interesting reviews I have ever read on any product! While I understand your need to reserve some marks in order to encourage us to strive for perfection, as you get to know us better you’ll come to understand that we are ALWAYS looking to improve. There is already another iteration underway for the first half of next year, along with some ‘sister’ products, including hand and body washes. Thanks so much for the review and…watch this space. Check your inbox for some inside info on the Hand Cream….

  3. Scott B

    What can I say!! I was gifted a bottle of this amazing hand cream and to my surprise I absolutely love it. I decided to try this little bottle for a period of time before giving my honest review and all I can say is, wow, the subtle scent that lingers, not too strong and the blend of vanilla and lemon go quite well together also the non-greasy formula makes it ideal. Highly recommend Zexa for their amazing quality products

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Hi Scott and thanks for such a wonderful review. We absoutely love it too – looking forward to bringing it to you in bigger sizes soon.

  4. Anne W

    Nice smell, nice feel!

    • Tracey Freinberger

      Thank you, Anne! keen to hear back from you after prolonged use – some users have reported improvements in skin and nail condition and we would love to know if this is a consistent attribute!

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