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Dish Glo Plus is a superior quality, concentrated detergent and is extremely cost effective.

Powerfully removes baked and burnt on soils without caustics or chlorides. A must for every kitchen sink!


Dish Glo Plus cuts through grease grime and soils fast. It is a superior quality, highly concentrated detergent for the commercial environment.

With its high-foaming formula, Dish Glo Plus is extremely cost effective. With enough power to remove baked and burnt on soils without using caustics or chlorides, this is a must for every kitchen sink!

Dish Glo Plus it so versatile, it can also be used on almost any surface as a spray and wipe. This product can perform countless general cleaning tasks.

Note: Dishglo Plus is a high-foaming solution that dilutes better in warm water. If used at a higher concentration than recommended, it may be difficult to remove residual product.


  • Hand washing up
  • Soaking of cups, glasses and cutlery
  • Stainless steel, marble, granite and timber cleaning

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