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New Product Partners. Necessity is the mother of invention. So if you have a problem that needs solving let us help. Become a new product partner Today.

To clean through technology, whilst reducing environmental costs, and cost to your organisation is our mantra. We make sure we deliver what we promise. We test our products outside of the lab in real world situations before they are even considered for production and only promote what we know works. Along with a dedication to manufacturing standards, Zexa is a proud Australian owned and manufactured name that you can be confident in.

We Think Different

At Zexa it is our philosophy to develop solutions which step outside the normal, into the world of innovation and ingenuity..

Company Values

Creativity, Sustainability, Imagination,
Integrity, Passion,  Dedication.

Sustainability Advantage

Zexa is proud to be a Silver Sustainability Advantage partner. For more about our Environmental Philosophy.

Pizza Shop Start Pack

Pizza Restaurants have such a complex cleaning requirement. If you are starting a pizza shop or not happy with what you've got check out our Starter Packs.


Recent News

Custom Products

Zexa is capable of not only working off the shelf but customising
products for specific situations..

Clean Challenge

Where possible Zexa has utilised non caustic environmentally
friendly chemicals. Zexa aims to source...

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  • Address : 28  Strathmore Rd NSW 
  • Phone : 02 4970 7777
  • Email : sales@zexa.com.au





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